High School Math Resources

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives: A library of uniquely interactive, web-based virtual manipulatives and concept tutorials…mostly in the form of JAVA Applet. Geared to Pre-K through 12.
Advanced Placement Strategies
AP Strategies provides resources for teachers and students with regards to Advanced Placement coursework.
AP Central
AP Central offers more than 60 one-page examples of how science and math can be used in interesting settings and everyday life. Topics include clouds (why they float), social security benefits (algebra), Pythagoras theorem (cabinet corners), ice sheets and sea level, logarithms, matching birthdays (statistics), natural selection and a scavenger hunt, photons, traffic signals (probability), seasons (causes), volcanic clouds, wind chill (algebra), and more. (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)
Wolfram Math World
Wolfram Math World is “the web’s most extensive mathematics resource.” Provides background information, notes, interactive activities for Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Probability & Statistics, etc.
Box Plot
Box plots and histograms interactive tool.
Winplot–Free Graphing Software—is a general-purpose plotting utility, which can draw and animate curves and surfaces presented in a variety of formats.
Winplot Tutorials
Free instructional videos for Winplot by Steve Simonds.
Free Online Graph Paper.
All Level Mathematics Lessons
Fun, free math lessons by Cynthia Lanius. Geared to K-Calculus.
IRS Interactive Tax Program
Internal Revenue Service: free, interactive, instructional tax program. Excellent tool for a finance or Math Models class.
Mathsnet: excellent resource with links to tons of math resources…curriculum, puzzles, games, articles, books, etc.
Cycloids/Spirographs/Famous Curves
Free numbers, patterns, curves, and topology lessons. Topics include Prime Numbers/Magic Squares, Clock or Modular Arithmetic, The Golden Ratio, Fibonacci Numbers, Binary Numbers, Pascal’s Triangle, Conics, Moiré Patterns, Line Designs and Curve Stitching, Curves of Constant Width, Cycloids/Spirographs/Famous Curves, and Fractals.
Online Math League
Academic Leagues: get your students involved in fun, inspiring math and science online competitions. Open to grades 2-12.
Texas A&M Distance Learning PreCalculus course
PreCalculus Course Design Texas A&M.
Geometric Terms Games
QUIA Geometry Terms: matching, flashcards, concentration, and word search links for geometry terms.
Oswego City School District Exam Prep
Oswego City School District Exam Prep: resources, lessons, and practice for Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Earth Science, Physics, Chemistry, and Living Environment.
Web Sudoku
Free online Sudoku.
TI Calculator site
TI Calculator tutorials & other helps.
Beacon Learning Center classroom resources
Beacon Learning Center: provides classroom resources, lessons, and student activities.
Learning.com Interactives
“Interactives” provides educators and students with strategies, content, and activities that can enhance and improve students’ skills in mathematics (Math in Daily Life and Statistics) and other curricular areas.
Statistical Online Computational Resources
The goals of the Statistics Online Computational Resource (SOCR) are to design, validate and freely disseminate knowledge. The Resource specifically provides portable online aids for probability and statistics education, technology based instruction and statistical computing. SOCR tools and resources include a repository of interactive applets, computational and graphing tools, instructional and course materials.