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Theme Design Challenge Title Abstract CSCOPE Alignment Targeted TEKS

Foundations of Geometry: Functions, Patterns, and Transformations

Architect for a Day

In this unit, students will learn the foundations of geometry and geometric patterns.

1st six weeks

G.4, G.5B, G.7A,B

Logical Reasoning

Simply Logic, My Dear Watson

In this unit, students will explore ideas in logic and will create logic puzzles.

2nd six weeks

G.1A, G.3A,C,D,E

Lines, Transversals, and Triangles

Acres of Fun

In this unit, students will explore parallel lines and transversals.

2nd six weeks

G.3B, G.9A

Similarity and Right Triangles

Barging Into The Sweet Life

Students will delve into the world of triangles and parallel lines that are cut by transversals by examining barges that move within canals.

3rd six weeks

G.4, G.9A, G.11 A


Just Putting Away

Through the study of angles of incidence and angles of reflection, students will design a hole for a miniature golf course.

3rd six weeks

G.2B, G.5B, G.7B,C G.9B, G.11A